Our First Week

November 8, 2009

We have now spent our first week in our new house, we actually got the keys around a month ago, and spent the first 3 weekends building the deck.  Last weekend we moved out of little 2 bedroom duplex…you would be amazed how much crud you can squeeze into one of them.

The house has been great, and the landscaper Greg has been fantastic, pity I can’t say the same for the pool fence guys.  I won’t go into all the details, but lets just say the reason they call themselves “discount” is due to the fact that they don’t quote you on what you asked for.

Anyhow, here are some photos of the new house…enjoy.

The front of our house (hi Rene) from down the road a little.IMG_3434 

Our new couch (it is dark brown), and the future fish tank locationIMG_3437

I thinks we need a bigger TV 🙂IMG_3439 

The kitchen, the dark colours work well.IMG_3442

Part of the pool, and fancy retaining wall (all our neighbours like the wall)IMG_3444 

Our new bedIMG_3448

The ensuite.IMG_3449 

With spa 🙂IMG_3450 

And rain water headIMG_3451 

The dining room and looking out to the outdoor room (look at that deck)IMG_3455

Looking into the lounge (left) and dining room (center/right) over the deck.  Still have to finish the deck edging.IMG_3457 

Looking down the eastern side of the house, with the stepping that matches the retaining wall…and all that new grass…I hope it takes.IMG_3456

The kitchen at nightIMG_3463

The front at nightIMG_3469 

And finally, the bedroom at nightIMG_3470

Now all that is left is the pool fencing and pool….just in time for summer (fingers crossed).


To build a deck

October 4, 2009

The first thing you need is plenty of friends and family that are willing to work for peanuts.  Okay, I didn’t have any peanuts, but I had some good assistance from Rene’s brother Trevor, my mum and dad, friends from work Mat and Brendon, friends I don’t work with any more Paul and of course Rene.

Firstly, this is pretty much what we were meant to be achieving:


So Friday was spent having to dig around 16 holes on the edge of the house…all by hand.  A big thanks for Trevor for sharing in the blister exercise.  Also all the wood and cement (a “gross” of them).

Saturday was made up of two parts, completion of digging the post holes, this time with an auger attached to the rented Dingo, and setting out the framing for the deck.  The deck is actually made up of 3 parts, the area for the outdoor room, in front of the lounge & dining rooms and the other bit.

Brendon was doing a great job of cutting out the bearers for the first area, with my dad arriving just in time to help him square it all up.  After a bit of man handling it got set in position and all of the post positions were marked out.

Mean while the next part was getting cut and set out, with some egging by Mat, Brendon started to confuse him self, but eventually it all got done.  Two frame parts made.  Plenty of joist hangers the get set out now, to save some effort later.

Day three, and the workers had started to thin, Trevor got to play on the dingo levelling some area out the front for the fencing and I continued to drill holes for the post set out and nail in a heap of joist hangers.

Mat came back for another round, “rockstars” in hand so we thought we would set out and level the outdoor room.  By the end of the day, the outdoor room was all cemented in, ready to get some joists put in after hours this week.

Anyhow, just a couple of photos of it all. (sorry, didn’t take that may progress pics).

Trevor on the Dingo.IMG_3409 

My turn…I did manage to level out a fair bit of the back yard.IMG_3414

Some holes (yes, I hit the storm water pipe…on the last hole)IMG_3416

One of the frames (dang water pipe is in my way)IMG_3417

The first one down and cemented in…24 bags of cement mixed by hand…thanks Mat.IMG_3418

Anyhow, this week after work I hope to get all joists in and maybe even the 2nd frame set into position, or at least the third frame complete.

Oh, and after “desert storm” finishes, we shall get some completed inside shots taken.


We have the keys

October 4, 2009

Well on Thursday October 1st, we officially received the keys for the house. I must say Metricon do a great finish, and they would have really topped it off if they gave you a couple sets of keyrings to go with all the keys you get. The house warming pressie was nice (except we already own a set), but it was a nice thought…key rings would have been handy too.

A big thanks goes out to our friends and family that have helped us over this weekend to build the deck, the efforts are greatly appreciated.

I will get some photos up tomorrow night of both the house and deck.



Only 2 weeks to go…

September 21, 2009

Yep, that is right, according to our SS, we should have the hand over of the house on the 2nd of Oct. Not guaranteed yet, but that is the date that he is working towards. Which means that on the 3rd, I will be digging lots of holes for the deck 😦

We had an independent person go through the house today (handovers.com), and they were very pleased with the quality. Only one main issue, which should be easily to fixes, and a couple of minor items that we had already found.

Our driveway was also being prepped today, and should be poured tomorrow…going to be interesting in the rain, given the slope of parts of this driveway…but I am sure Rene will get used to reversing into the garage 🙂 (hey babe)

Next time I will post photos of the completed house 🙂


Practically Complete

August 29, 2009

Things are still steaming a head with the house build, to such an extent that on Thursday our Site Super called to let us know the date of practical completion…September 17th…woohoo.  At this stage that is an approximate date, but it looks like we could be in by the end of Sept, 2 1/2 months ahead of schedule.

So with that, of course we had to go up and get some photos of the place, and there are plenty of things to see.

  • All of the wet area tiling has been complete, they just need to silicon seal the corners.
  • Painting on the inside is 95% complete.  They didn’t have one of the feature wall colours, but are trying to find a match.
  • Kitchen is 90% complete, just need appliances.
  • Outside rendering is complete.

Now time for the gripes:

  • Some of the feature wall paint (little drops) have splashed onto the normal wall.
  • Various other little paint issues.
  • There is something missing from where the garage steps are.
  • You can see the silicon glue that is holding up the glass splash back.
  • The render colour above the windows and doors is a different colour.

Anyhow, I shall be calling the SS on Monday to let him know.

But on with the photos.

The ensuite, with the olive feature wall:Progress_20090829 021

The Kitchen (you can see the glue/sillicon marks): Progress_20090829 023

The dining room, with the leaning tower of bath tubs:Progress_20090829 025

The missing paint will eventually be a maroony colour:Progress_20090829 026

The nook (future fish tank location):Progress_20090829 027

The entrance way: Progress_20090829 029

The garage: Progress_20090829 038

Oh, and we have the other half of the hot water system:Progress_20090829 019


Tiling and stone

August 19, 2009

I stopped by the house this afternoon, just to see how the tiling is going, and to my surprise the caesarstone bench tops have been delivered and installed.  I will have to take some photos on the weekend, I think they look great.  Meanwhile, I would say the wet area tiling is about 90% complete, really just around the bath and spa to be done.

Now if only they would give us a better estimate of when the house will be complete, instead of the contracted date (Dec 8th).


Its been a while…

August 19, 2009

..since I have updated the blog.  I keep taking photos, but just don’t seem to find enough time to update the blog.

So things seem to be chugging along.  Last week (or was that 2 weeks ago) the kitchen, laundry and bathroom cupboards were all installed.  Still waiting for the Ceaserstone bench tops, but they don’t come until the finishing stage.  Our tiles arrived about a week ago also, and the tilers are busily putting them in a the moment (I hope all of them, but probably only the wet areas).  All cornicing, skirting and architraves have been installed, and we were happy to see on the weekend that the shelves in all the cupboards have been put in too (good work chippies).

There is still a little work left to get completed on the outside of the house, and a bit of rendering.  They also still have to paint the front of the study (I can’t remember what colour, but I am sure it is a shade of brown).

Anyhow, on with the pictures….enjoy

The front of the house:


A view of the lounge and kitchen:20090816_Kitchen_01_small

View out from the dining room over the outdoor room and pool:20090816_OutdoorRoom_01_small

The ensuite (and Rene’s wardrobe):20090816_Ensuite_01_small

The laundry:Progress_20090816 035 

One of the bedrooms:Progress_20090816 024

Bet you can’t guess:Progress_20090816 022

The Main bathroom:Progress_20090816 021

The junk cupboard:Progress_20090816 020

Another bedroom:Progress_20090816 019

The kitchen, still awaiting the tops:Progress_20090816 004